Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Holidays 2014

                Since I am not a kid anymore and soon to graduate in my teenage life, 
I celebrate holidays and weekend most of the time with my family. As I grow older 
I cherish every single moment with them because I realize that soon I will have my own life as 
I will finish my degree. Love between family is a special bond that’s why I make it a 
point that I always share laughs, smiles and memories. Yeah I know I am too emotional 
with this blog post but let me grab this opportunity to dedicate this blog to my family
 since it’s Christmas, the time to say thank you. My mind is filled with happy thoughts 
due to my parents. Thanks mom and dad and to my brother who always give my necessities and unendless support.

                Going back to my outfit, green is my color for holiday outfit 2014 which symbolizes harmony. I just love the fitting of this dress and every details of it that’s why I chose this for my holiday outfit because what really matters most is that you are really confident and 
you really wanted with what you are wearing so you can enjoy the whole night right?


Dress: Hues

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