Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Six Flags Great Adventure

One of my travel plans is to see and experience the rides in Six Flags. I was able to see a lot of attractions inside the Six Flags such as Movie Town, Lakefront, Adventure Alley, Frontier Adventures and many more. Honestly, I am not fund of any extreme rides but thanks to my friends who pushed me to conquer my fears and I'm happy I did it! Wohoooo!!!!
We got a free entrance, ride all you can and unlimited foods because of the Filipino's working there and it was really a big help to us because we got to save atleast $100. We had the right timing in going to Six Flags because that day was their opening so they have a lot of promo. 

Sorry I don't have pictures while on the rides because they do restrict bringing cameras and take pictures for the safety of our gadgets. 
What I enjoyed the most was riding in the Green Lantern even if I had a hard time on that ride because in that ride you must be standing  and I remember I was wearing a dress and everyone's looking at my legs and good thing I am wearing a cycling so I don't have to worry enough what I look like. Maybe you are all wondering why I am wearing a dress in going to this kind of place, well the reason is for me to have a reason not to join my friends in having rides like what I've told you earlier that I am not fund of extreme rides. But that kind of reasoning didn't worked to my friends hahahaha

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