Saturday, June 28, 2014

Another Night in Philly

   This is jam goes to...... Philadelphia, Pennsylvania which is the City of Brotherly Love and the largest city in the state of Pennsylvania. The city contains lot of art museums like Rodin Museum, Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts and most of all the major art museum in Philadelphia, the Philadelphia Museum Art. I was able to see the statue of Rocky, the famous boxer and the very beautiful Benjamin Franklin Bridge. Don't you know that Philadelphia is known for its cheesesteak which is developed by the German and Italian immigrants. Everyone should try Philadelphia's very own cheesesteak a.k.a Philly chessesteak because of its thin sliced pieces of steak by combining frizzled beef and onions with melted cheese in a long bun.
I really had fun in Philadelphia because of their attractions and it is a pioneering city when it comes to commercial establishments for being one of the oldest cities in the country. 
So, if you want a complete experience of history and culture in modern society and fall in love with the places as much as the residents have, visit Philadelphia.

With Rocky Balboa 

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