Saturday, June 21, 2014

United States Naval Academy

Finally I got the chance to visit the United States Naval Academy which is located in Annapolis, Maryland and about 1hour drive from our home. We got this tour for free and thanks to our company-Baltimore Country Club for giving us the opportunity to witness the beauty of United States. United States Naval Academy is the second oldest service academy. What I love most in the US Naval Academy is the entire campus is a home to many historic sites, buildings and monuments and also it is a National Historic Landmark.  Thanks also to our tour guide Mistress Debbie for having a long patience because she is having a hard time to tour us the whole academy because of too long of taking pictures hahahaha and one thing more I have to share with you maybe you are wondering why I called the tour guide Mistress Debbie, well the word mistress corresponds to miss/ms/mrs but they are more favor of using the title to a person the word Mistress because of formality and we are very shocked of what Mistress Debbie shared to us that the people in Annapolis they only take a bath twice a year because the water is dirty and they usually get sick every time they take a bath more than twice a year so instead of taking a bath everyday they use scented herbs to make them feel fresh.

Flower Crown: Burlington Outlet Store
Eyewear: Aldo
Cropped Top: by Alex Bitong
Cover-up: Landmark
Lace Stockings: SM Department Store
Boots: Forever21
Bag: Kate Spade

Photos by: Emman Galve

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