Thursday, November 6, 2014

Elegance in Blue

Hi readers! Here's another outfit post for you. This time it's more elegant and classy which is perfect for occasions, meetings and gatherings. Since sembreak is over let me share the things I love during sembreak. During sembreak I got the chance to go home to my province which is in Ilocos Norte and be with my family and of course I get the chance to wear anything I want. Since the time I moved in Manila to study, I noticed lately that I'm becoming tired to dress up because I find too hassle being in Manila such as traffic, pollution and the crowd unlike when I'm still in our province I can wear anything even if people seems that I'm in outer space because of what I am wearing. So everytime I go home to Ilocos I wear all the outer space thingy that I have.

And now about my outfit, I choose this blue dress and it's my first ever collection of blue-colored  dress. This dress was a gift from my aunt and I really love the fitting and it matches my first pair of shoes from DAS Collection. It's my dream to have a shoes from DAS and now I'm proud to be a DAS sister and I'll be watching their next collection.

Dress: Ever New by Melbourne
Shoes: DAS
Watch: Timex
Cllutch: Sm Accesories

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