Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Lazy Dazy

I wore something lazy yet comfortable for today's outfit post because we attended Sportsfest which is held in Ultra, a very far place from us. So it's a commute and hassle day. My friends and I had a hard time to get a ride going there. It took us 3 hours going to Ultra. Yeah, we are very late hahaha. That was very hassle right? When we arrived in Ultra, we don't have energy anymore to yell so we just seated on the aisle and watch the event like we are watching a movie in the cinema and waited until the closing remarks then we decided to go to Megamall to eat and hang-up and of course have an outfit shot. 

Well, that was a very tiring day.

Top: gift from a friend
Pants: Walter Baker
Shoes: Nike Air
Bag: Mossimo
Sunnies: Rue21

Photos from: Junilyn Malapo

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