Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Dirty White on Red

This is what I wore when we visited Mitchelville together with my room mate Gina and my co-intern Jusmine to visit her aunt. I am so lucky to have friend who have relatives here in Maryland, USA and tour us for free. I am in rush in choosing what to wear because actually I only had 2 hours of sleep because of chitchat together with my co-interns who just arrived and we have to welcome them and it's Gina's 20th birthday bash too. 

So about my outfit, since my top is too plain in color I added the red scarf from SM Accessories to brighten up my look since red is a strong color and a plain pants since the focus of my outfit is on top so it won't be too complicated and too heavy.  

Is my outfit yay or nay? 

Top: by Alex Bitong
Pants: Jag Jeans
Cap: SM Accesories
Scarf: SM Accessories

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