Friday, April 18, 2014

Away from School

 I have more time to do the things I haven't had the time to do like jogging, movie nights and hanging out with my friends. Away from school means hello to work (job) and it's true having a job is ten times difficult than going to school but the thing is you are having fun with the salary because you know to yourself you had a hard time getting that money. Jogging and taking pictures somewhere else is my stress reliever.

So here's my workmates left to right: Ginalyn, Emman and Jusmine

This is what I love in United States, everywhere you go it's so nice to take a picture. Actually, we just invaded other apartments park :)

I am doing the Kryz Uy's signature pose :)

Furry hat: Five Below
Jacket: DOS
Jeans: Closetbystylista
Leg Warmer: Trinoma
Shoes: Sketchers

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