Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Swimsuit and Style

This year 2014, I promised myself to spend more time with my family.
For this day, we went to Jardin de Remedios to have some bonding together with my cousin from San Antonio, Texas kuya Hans and his girlfriend Ate Hazelle.

I don't usually wear any kind of swimsuit when we go swimming because I'm very
conscious of my body most specially when there are lots of people looking at but thanks to Eclipse Gym :)
I tried using swimsuits when I had a swimming
class in our school and that help me gained self confidence.

I was so inlove with this swimwear because it was
not that too skin showy and I love the prints too.
So for those who want to try to wear swimsuit without showing too much skin, 
I advise you to have this kind of swimwear.
What do you think guys? 

I was definitely inlove with this RayBan eyewear. Actually this was not mine, I stole it from my Dad's closet and I find out that this eyewear was originally from my Grandfather(Mom's side). I love the fitting <3

Swimwear: Landmark
Shorts: Vanilla Breeze
Eyewear: RayBan
Watch: Timex

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