Saturday, January 31, 2015

Things That Currently Makes Me Happy

Thank you Lord for making me happy as always :) This is my 1st round of happiness. 

1. High Grades
I got a 1.00 prelim grade for my Tourism182 subject! Cheers to that! All my efforts has paid off!

2. Graduation
April is coming so fast and finally I am welcoming myself to the world of unemployed but soon to be employed and that is my priority right after graduation. Hoping that I could find the right job God intended for me.

3. New Car
My brother just got his 1st hot wheels last January and I am so proud of him. This car would help me a lot in doing my errands. 

4. Star Clozetter
Thank you to Lystra Aranal for giving me a break in the world of fashion and in blogging. Join our community and be a Clozetter on

5. Family and Friends
My family always make it up on me. I am filled with happy thoughts because of them plus my friends such as my highschool friends, college friends and blogger friends. I am catching up with my friends recently because I know I am always the "drawing" hahaha. 

Top: bazaar
Shorts: Trinoma
Shoes: Primadonna
Hat: SM Accessories

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