Monday, February 3, 2014

It's in the Mind

Hi WIC (Wonder is Couture) readers! I'm back! 
I always wanted to be the center of attraction wherever I go. I want all their eyes on me because
I want to show my fashion philosophy which is "WEAR IT WITH CONFIDENCE." 
Since I was 3, I always wanted to be dolled-up and dress up on my own so I started collecting shoes, dress, bags and other kikay stuffs. I remember during my elementary days, they always call me kikay and fashionista even my teachers because I always wear blingblings even if I'm in my uniform and that boost my self confidence in dealing with other people. Right here and then, I started joining beauty pageants and fashion shows.

About my outfit, I got this cute pink leopard boots for a very affordable price in an online 
shop for only Php 300 and it's very worth it. 

Top: Alex Bitong
Skirt: Landmark
Belt: SM 
Bag: Guess
Accessories: Closetbystylista

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